Super Pocoyo birthday invite for Nicholas

At the end of this month, my buddy Nicholas will be celebrating his second birthday. 

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure... Nicholas Lee is a precocious little man. When he's not entertaining us with his drunken toddler walk or showing us how well he can count, Nick delights us with the clever things mommy taught him to say. Take for example, his latest fav phrase: toughen up, princess!

Here's a look at the party invite we whipped up, featuring Nick's fav character - Pocoyo

Super Pocoyo birthday party invite for Nick

amanda's surprise bridal shower

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on a surprise bridal shower..

After hours of seriously "researching" firefighters and topless butlers, we eventually settled for a very civilised high tea at No. 4 Blake Street.

We styled  the shower using the bride-to-be's pet colour: coral... crafting coral invites, place cards, bridal shower game cards, handmade felt roses, fabric buttons, teabags and even a fascinator..

Several glue gun burns, one very large web of white lies, and a severe Joseph-Low overload later, here's a look at how everything turned out...

Coral coloured design suite

Place cards

Words of love, silliness & advice for the bride & groom

Bride & groom questionnaire game 

Perfect pink blooms from Kim's rose garden

Our lovely bride-to-be


No.4 Blake Street mushroom croquettes & mini tacos

No.4 Blake Street beet salad

No.4 Blake Street rabbit terrine

Duct tape

Nipple tassels!!! 

Blosef calendar

Blosef Low - 365 days... rain, hail or shine

No. 4 Blake Street sweets


JLC Event Planner & Vice Prez

Lovely Teow sisters

Group photo thanks to Calynn :)

Thanks for a lovely afternoon everyone xo


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