Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Comm) degree, I've worked in comms roles within the superannuation, fashion and tech industries. 

At the moment, I spend most of my waking hours at Perth Zoo working with corporate partners to effect change in wildlife conservation. It feels good to be part of something real... something worthwhile. It also doesn't hurt that I get to spend lunch breaks hanging with gibbons or saying hello to elephants. 

When I'm not at the Zoo, I teach bread-and-butter public relations skills to second years at Curtin University. But, before all this, I worked at iiNet where I communicated changes to over 650,000 customers and 2000 staff each day.

I owned a range of strategic projects, from producing iiNet’s monthly newsletter; masterminding their Annual Open Days; devising strategies for competitor acquisitions; writing the company's Customer Charter; running their community sponsorship program; introducing the Learn with iiNet workshops; crafting the company's inaugural Sustainability Report and more.

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I guess, what I really enjoy is  helping people understand complex ideas using plain and simple English. I get a kick out of finding unique ways of connecting with people... which (I hope) means I'm on the right path.

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