I started making terrariums a few years ago. Some were big, some small, some open, some closed.

The first few I fumbled through were spectacular failures. One slow roasted on a sunny window ledge. Another drowned with love. And, yet another infested with mouldy patches and mildew.

I’ve figured out a lot since then. Trek through my care notes for lessons learned or keep scrolling for a look at terrariums that have thrived (or survived).


By and large, Pot Belly or Banyan Figs (Ficus Retusa) have been the plant of preference in our Bonsaiariums. These guys are hardy evergreens, hailing from the tropics; meaning, they'll live happily indoors and enjoy a humid climate.


According to Wiki, moss is ancient. We're talking about 350 million years old ancient. Unlike your average 'higher' level plant, moss absorbs water and nutrients through its leaves; which is probably why they're happiest in a closed low-maintenance environment. 

Savage Worlds

There's something primordial about Pitcher Plants and Venus Flytraps - the way they trap (and snap), feeding off unsuspecting prey. On paper, they're the poster-child of easy care exotics, needing little attention. But, in the cold light of day, they can be (and often are) a temperamental lot.

Caring for these carnivores can be a walk in the park. They just need a little more patience and TLC.